About Us

Kosmotive was founded in 2014 to improve Maternal and Child Health in Rwanda. We save lives by increasing access to maternal and child health information and access to healthcare services to people who currently don't have access to it, using publication of Kosmos Magazine, KosmoHealth App, Storytelling and Socio-economic empowerment for marginalized women in Rwanda_ through our Fashion Incubator.

Kosmos Magazine is a print and online periodical that offers interesting child and maternal health and lifestyle information to young women and mothers in Rwanda. Launched in June 2014, it provides parenting advice for a wide net of readership, including fathers, young people and anyone interested in the wellbeing of families.

KosmoHealth App is a mobile resource for pregnant women and individuals seeking urgent care and home-based healthcare services. Key features include geolocation to help users search for nearby doctors and specialists, a call button for first aid support (urgent intervention) and access to home-based antenatal care. The app allows users to register at any point in their pregnancy and receive advice and alert messages related to their pregnancy term.

Kadablah Collection is a Maternity and Nursing wear Brand that uses different eco-friendly apparel and textile to make clothing, shoes and accessories for pregnant women and breastfeeding moms; made in Rwanda. We train women to work with us in producing Kadablah products and share with them important information about safe pregnancy, safe birth, child development and all about parenting.

KosmoPads is our new initiative to produce eco-friendly, cost-effective, reusable sanitary pads for young women and girls to not only discuss their challenges about menstruation, but also learn how to make pads for themselves and other school girls. As girls break the silence about menstruation and benefit financially from making and selling pads, they will come to see their periods as a source of pride and power.

Kosmotive has a team of over 10 years of experience media and health experts. We recruit freelance writers with every new issue and artisan women on every production season. Kosmotive has impacted 134004 lives since June 2014.

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