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Hand washing preferably, Non-toxic, non-odor it has been through testing standards.
It is antibacterial, anti-allergic, breathable, natural deodorant, good  water absorbent effect.



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Reusable sanitary pad, 100% cloth, Made of 3 layers (fleece on the upper layer, zorb fabric/microfiber inside as absorbent, polyurethane laminate on the back layer) and polyresin snaps to hold it on the underwear. The KosmoPads package is a set of 5 reusable sanitary pads, plus 1 storage wet bag.


Eco-friendly, breathable, non-toxic, reusable (lasts for 2 years), super absorbent, cost effective (cost for one box equals cost of 5 boxes of disposable pads in Rwanda, but last for 2 years where they should use 24 boxes of disposable pads; thus 1 KosmoPad = 50 disposable pads).


Menstrual Hygiene Management. The design is a reusable pad with snaps on its wings that hold it closely on an underwear, providing about 8-hours of use with a 4-hour drying period after washing. 

Care and maintenance:

Wash it with soap and water; dry it on the sun, and make sure the pad is fully dry before wearing or storing it. Do not use hot water! Do not use bleach or chemicals! Do not use a hot iron! Do not share pads!

Origin story of our product:

Social stigma and cultural taboos about menstruation contribute to girls missing work and school. 18% of women and girls in Rwanda miss work or school because they can’t afford to buy menstrual pads. This amounts to a potential GDP loss of $215 per woman every year in our country.

Remembering our founder’s own menstruation challenges, she chose to work hard to protect other girls from the same discouraging experiences she had. If we stop raising our voices about this issue, the number of school dropouts will increase.

With KosmoPads we provide a safe space for young women and girls to not only discuss their challenges about menstruation, but also learn how to make pads for themselves and other school girls.

As girls break the silence about menstruation and benefit financially from making and selling pads, they will come to see their periods as a source of pride and power. KosmoPads are made in Rwanda.

Our care about the environment and sustainability:

We mainly consider thickness, color, absorbency and softness of fabric prior to our production. After our pads’ 2 years lifecycle, we request users to put used KosmoPads together from a point where we will be collecting them, give them new ones on a lower cost than the first one, and recycle those used ones into other materials that will be usable, to keep our aspect of saving the environment.

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polyurethane laminate, microfiber, polarfleece


Blue, Pink


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KosmoPads package of 5